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About us

"Aristo" is a company which has been operating succesfully in Serbia for many years. The firm was established as a trade firm on 25th of January 1991. The founders are Snježana Radenković and Jugoslav Ćulibrk. Since 1994, bakery supply of production materials has started, an it remained the company's main occupation until today.
Two years later it established the partnership with the company Lesaffre from Hungary and their factory Budafok from Budapest, and "Aristo" became the general distributor for "Budafok" yeast in Serbia,  recognized primarily for its quality.
In 2001 the company established the partnership with the firm backaldrin from Asten, Austria, one of the leading companies in the production of all the raw material for bakery and pastry, represented in over 90 countries around the world. Their production program complemented our offer and responded to the requests of our bakeries with a guaranteed quality. In 2002 we started to import bakery gloves “Brickman” from Italy. Because of their good quality we continue selling them till today.
The company's own bussiness space was built in 1997, and all the business activities take place there, at  Filip Visnjic Street in the city of Novi Sad. The building has modern desing and consists of offices, a store, a warehouse and cold storages.

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